Having a lean and mean/toned/well toned body is something we all wish/dream for. To this extent, most of us hit the gym without keeping in mind some basic guidelines before working out. The following will list out some of the common mistakes to avoid when exercising either at home or in the gym!

1. The ‘wrong’ way of doing cardio

Cardio is very essential to warm up your muscles before you start the more strenuous exercises. A common mistake that beginners commit is to do excessive cardio or none at all. The proper way of doing cardio lies in finding that delicate balance wherein you do not overly tax your muscles but warm them up just enough for some serious deadlifting.

The ‘wrong’ way of doing cardio

2. The ‘age’ factor

Some people shy away from exercise citing old age. As you grow older, the need for a fit body only increases in importance. A 40-year-old can achieve the same results that a 30 year old can. Remember, when it comes to being fit, age is never an excuse!

The ‘age’ factor

3. Taking adequate rest

Your body is not a machine. Constantly hitting the gym or working out at home without getting proper rest inflames the muscles and can lead to chronic muscle pain. Make sure you rest between sets/repetitions and most importantly, see to it that you get sufficient sleep before you begin the grind the next day.

Taking adequate rest

4. Overdoing it

More doesn’t necessarily mean good. Instances where people injured/harmed their body on account of overworking is common. Remember your gym is not your home and your home is not your gym. There is a fine line between staying fit and healthy and landing oneself in the hospital!

Overdoing it

5. Chatting up the gym buddy

Your gym buddies make sure you don’t get careless and hurt yourself. But it is also easy for people to give into idle chatter and ignore their training. Some even choose to skip working out if their gym buddies skipped the day as well. Interrupting your training regime only leads to muscle pain and other body aches; never let a gap come in between your training schedule.

Chatting up the gym buddy

6. Avoid waiting for equipment

Making an excuse for any physical activity is something we Indians tend to excel in and ‘the machine is busy’ is a commonly found excuse in the gym. Always come prepared and plan out your schedule before hand, notice when the machines are free and come to the gym accordingly.

Avoid waiting for equipment

7. Constantly change your exercise routine

When working out, the most important point to keep in mind is to not fall into a dreary pattern. Most people fix a certain set of exercises and just repeat them day after day; this harms the body rather than helping it. Doing only a particular kind of work out makes use of a certain set of muscles and ignores the rest. An uneven muscle tone in your body causes an array of problems which can be avoided easily by mixing up the workout routine

Constantly change your exercise routine

8. Learning the proper technique

The most common reason for injuries in the gym is people exercising without consultation. Majority of us seem to be under the false impression that we already know the proper gym techniques by looking at movies and television shows. Learning the proper exercise techniques from a qualified professional is a must. Continuously following the wrong exercise techniques can result in serious and in some cases, irreversible muscle injury.

Learning the proper technique