Body pains and aches can lead to a disruption of your daily life. In some scenarios, the pain is paralyzing enough to put you on the bed the whole day, the remedy for pain management generally involves application of sprays and gels which leave a nasty smell around you the whole day. Hansaplast has designed pain management plasters to ensure that your aches and pains are taken care of without the hassle of smell!

Lion Heat plaster:

Lion Heat plaster- Chronic back pain is not a condition that is easily manageable and most treatments involve the application of nasty smelling pastes and ointments. Hansaplast Lion Heat plaster provides consistent heat while blocking pain signals, all this without any odours!

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Lion Plaster:

The Hansaplast Belladonna Plaster is ideal for aches and pains. The alkaloids extracted from the plant channel blood flow to the applied area and increase heat in that particular spot. The plaster can even be cut into strips for easy application. The plaster must be removed only after 2-3 days of application or when it dries out completely.

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